Shelter England / Scotland

Thousands of children in Britain don’t have a place to call home. We want to change this, and we need your help. All you have to do is bake, build and sell a delicious gingerbread house to raise money for Shelter

Bake it, Build it, Sell it

Recipes & templates

Below you'll find recipes and templates to get you going on your project and give you inspiration, but feel free to use your own recipes or styles to bring your house to life.

Remember to decorate your gingerbread and to be as creative as you can so that everybody wants a piece!

New for 2014, download our fairytale 'A Night in Sherbeton' to read to your class, and for Gingerbread inspiration, and check out our fairytale recipes below.


Mix it, bake it, decorate it!

We've got recipes to suit all abilities. If you're feeling adventurous you can go all out with a luxury house. Or if you're new to baking, or want to do something a bit easier, why not opt for a simpler house or a ginger cake?

Gingerbread Astrid recipe

Download recipe in PDF

Gingerbread Elspeth recipe

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Gingerbread Ghost recipe

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King & Queen recipe

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Gingerbread House recipe

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Gingerbread Salt Dough

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Gingerbread people recipe

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House templates

Useful tip!

As soon as your bread is out of the oven, put the templates back onto the pieces to check that the edges are sharp.

These templates are designed to guide you through the different bits and bobs that go together to make a gingerbread house, so you know you've got all the parts you need.

You can also choose from the different house styles, so you can see what your gingerbread should look like when its finished.

TemplateEasy peasy

Download PDF

TemplateLittle bit trickier

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TemplateTall order

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TemplateSuper chalet

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