Thank you for enjoying the comfort of home in Slippers for Shelter

To ensure thousands of children can do too.

Last year 120,000 children in Britain spent Christmas homeless. That’s why, on 7 December, we’re asking you to put your foot down – in some festive footwear – and donate £1 to Shelter.

We hope you have a blast wearing your Slippers for Shelter, and we’re hugely grateful to you for putting yourself in the shoes of homeless children everywhere to ensure they won’t be forgotten.

Once your event is over all you need to do is pay in the money you raised. Thank you for joining in and making Slippers your Christmas fundraising tradition this year!

Thank you

Thank you for signing up to take part in Slippers for Shelter. We'll be in touch soon with further details and information on how you - and your friends, family and colleagues - can get involved.

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